Monday, April 7, 2008

Mozza Christmas

So over the next few weeks, you'll find me doing catchup on some restaurant experiences.
Got toooo behind in updating with various distractions of a possible HUGE wedding party thats now been converted into something far more manageable for me and Mr.Phi. But thats another story entirely....

Around Christmas, I had the distinct pleasure of dining with 2 or our favoritest eatout companions! They had commented they had never been to Mozza Pizzaria and we all agreed that they must give it a shot. It was the first time going to Mozza without a reservation but we went on a weekday during the afternoon and had no trouble grabbing a table.
We had the Affetati Misti(cold meat platter) which is always a pleasure. I love the story of the stolen salumis that happened before Mozza even opened!! That was one of the reasons I made a reservation right away when they opened. Salumi Thief!
To accompany the platter, we ordered some Pane bianco with olio nuovo which for $3 is one of the best deals in LA. I could seriously just come to Mozza and eat 3 orders of this grilled bread and I would die happy. Everyone adored the bread so much, we almost placed a second order even though we had 2 pizzas coming.
The pizza was good but nothing too special. Except for the Egg, guanciale, radicchio, escarole & bagna cauda pizza! One friend commented it tasted like ramen in pizza form but I think she just had a temporary lapse of sanity. What makes this pizza for me is the guanciale, soooooo good it makes me swoon!
Now for dessert we had butterscotch budino and I had a cioccolata calda(hot chocolate) with something so precious. 2 cookies shaped like piggies with string to hang them up like X-mas ornaments. How precious and foodie and sorta slaughterhouse morbid at the same But I'm sure it brings a warm feeling into the stomachs of all foodies around christmas time.

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