Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where has this year gone....

So for those poor 2 people who follow my blog, its been a busy year and sorry for not updating sooner.

Mr.Phi and I got married and just moved to SF. Sooooo I think you can understand why I've been lax in updating my food blog for months. Well no more!! I'm up and running. Hopefully I will update atleast 1-3 times a week from now on....well i can hope Lulz

But since I mentioned marriage, I'm sure you foodies are wondering what a foodie like myself would serve at my wedding.

Well, my husband to be was Vietnamese and his mother was awesome enough to make us a Vietnamese spread of salads, egg rolls, a jello salad and some other stuff which I'm sad to say we didn't get to try. This is the reason I did not do a Viet/Chinese banquet!! Because bride and grooms never get to eat!! Wahhhh
We also had Mis Padres Salsa, our favorite farmer's market taco guys come out. The had a grill going which served not just tacos, but quesadillas and chilaquiles. Oooh Chilaquiles, everyone ran for some once they saw me with a heaping plate of those deliscious salsa fried chips. hehe

And now the most important part of a wedding, the cake!! Well we went to cake tastings everywhere from San Antonio to Dallas to Los Angeles when we were deciding where to have the wedding. But I could never decide on a cake. I'm really not the type of girl who only wants one type of dessert off the menu! I want all of the desserts on the menu!! So thats what I ended up doing. I had the best of all worlds. Muhahahaha We went to Portos and I seriously got everything.

We ordered Chocolate Parisian cake, Guava and Apple Streudals, Brownies, Fruit Tart, Carrot Cake, Tres Leches Cake, cookies and moreeeeeee. On top of that I got a chocolate Raspberry Cake from Susina because that was one of the best cakes I ever had in my life. I even made some pink velvet cupcakes because I couldn't bring myself to pay a $1 a cupcake when I could make them for $8 myself. As I said in the wedding, this is what my dreams are made of and I was excited to have such a spread!

As for drinks, there was a Keg of Allagash, our favorite beer.(As you can see people of all ages loved it!) We even had the Dr.Pepper and Coke with the real cane sugar. No corn syrup in da house. (Well except for some diet coke for you foolish diet people!!!)

Anywho, everything at the wedding was fun and thanks to everyone who made it.

On another note, I updated a piece from Feb which I had never posted. Enjoy!

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