Thursday, February 14, 2008


Holy Crapoli!! I forgot to put this post up!

Well in any case, heres a review for ya on MILK!! Part Cafe, Part Ice Cream Shop, Part me crazy, but I usually like these separate....But Milk actually proved me wrong somewhat.

I have been hearing about this place for a while now and my friend Yoohoo even brought me a menu. And the menu looked awesome so I was very excited to go. But now that I work in Burbank and not WestHO, going to Beverly for lunch is too much of a trip. Actually going to that area of Beverly at any time is too much of a trip! So I had not been able to partake of it yet. Then luckily this past sunday, Mr. Phi(boyfriend) and I were coming back from the Beverly Hills Farmers Market. We had made the trip out to see Domenico, famed Sun dried tomato Man from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. He was making his market debut and I had to be there to get some of his yummy tapenades and of course tomatoes! But this is another story entirely...

So we took Beverly back and we passed MILK. After a small plea to Mr.Phi to pull over, (Sadly he doesn't share my sweet tooth except for Brownies....) I found myself in MILK.

It was a very cute establishment. I love the logo and I love a simple bakery name. There were many items that were homemade for sale around the shop. It was fairly early, so most people were eating breakfast, but I had already had my chilequiles at farmers. So dessert was the only item on my mind!

This trip was not about the ice cream at all and was all about the baked goods. So I didn't take a good look at the ice cream display. It looked more like the style of a gelato display. I did take a very long glance at their homemade ice cream bars that had a very warming, clumsy homemade style to them. Also, I had heard before that their ice cream bon bons were a steal at 25 cents and feeling like a fool to not atleast get a taste of their ice cream I ordered two. A mint chocolate and a Berry Vanilla. Both were deliscious and I got to gobble down both myself. Mr.Phi is not a morning person, so he doesn't really start eating till around 3pm. He is such a fool, but maybe this is good because I am notoriously food greedy. muhahahaa

Next I had to start deciding on the pastries and other savory items to get. I always have to try everything that peaks my interest. And besides, you never know when will be the next time you will be able to venture out a certain way in Los Angeles. But they seemed to be very used to this type of hunger there. And anyway, I was in a hurry to get cold Farmers items home in my car!

I immediately got a piece of the Blue Velvet Cake. Is there a sauce that comes with it? I had heard there possibly was one, but maybe they do not offer it if you take it to go?

Well I will have to stop there, because that is where I stopped writing. lol Plus I can't find where I had put my pictures because its been so long ago!

But I think thats ok because all I really remember about this place is the Blue Velvet Cake. It has a very unique taste to it. Reminds me of "licking the bowl from when my mother made blueberry muffins" taste! I would recommend it but to warn you, it turns your poo blue!! No lie, but I would eat it again. One friend who I took to eat it called me at 3am just to tell me that her poop had turned blue. So if you would like some interesting stories as well I definitely suggest this cake.

I used some pictures from online since I could not find mine, but here is a comic about it.

I wish my toilet was really shaped like that....

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