Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wines I have liked....

So here are a few wines that I have liked lately or just have an opinion on.....
When I go for wine I go for Jammy, fruity, rich, deep....Not really a spicy girl except when it comes to my cheeto preference ( I love a wine review with a cheetos reference lol....)

The wine that had me figure out what I go for is Tres Sabores 2007 Por Que No? which I had at Fish & Farm. This was the wine pairing that went with their burger which is really good. I'm still in the 4505 meats camp when it comes to the best burger though.....

Another wine that was soooo fruity and jammy was Poppy 2008 Pinot Noir !! We were really shocked how good it was for $15 at Whole Foods
We asked a lady in wine at Whole Foods San Mateo if she recommended a wine that was similar. She said to try Adesso Nero D'Avola and we thought it was good. But still preferred Poppy. (I don't think she was too into helping us tbh......)

I mentioned in the previous peach post how we had an amazing Copain Rose at Flea Street Cafe. When I tracked down the Rose to the Whole Foods San Mateo, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had Copain's 2007 Syrah as well. We don't usually buy a Syrah but had been so happy with Copain's Rose, we thought "por que no?" (sorry for pun :P ) It was great and we will definitely purchase more wines from Copain in the future.

If you had not guessed from my multiple mention of Whole Foods from above, we have been taking advantage of their buy 6, get 10% off deal. (although i feel more taken advantage of lol) I hope they bring back their Quail Creek Case for $25 deal sometime this summer. That was amazing last year. Actually good $2 red or white table wines. Insanittyyyyyyyyy (Now that I just read the wiki page about it, I don't think I will buy again because of the treatment of their farm workers....back to the drawing board for cheap drinkable wines! )

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