Friday, June 11, 2010

Tips for attending Cochon555

Last week was very exciting because my Hog Haiku was picked as the winner by Jessica Battilana of 7x7 in their contest for 2 tickets to Cochon555!! Here it is below

Two Lard Jars in Fridge
From Mariquita Farm Pig
Tasty Pie for friends

If you are too lazy to click above what Cochon 555 is, then just look at what the sticker below says because I'm too lazy to type it.

The 5 chefs were from Delfina, Namu, Flour + Water, Bi-Rite, and Perbacco. Each chef has to prepare a heritage breed hog into a variety of dishes! For more great info on the types of hogs, check out Carolyn Jung's blog or this Bay Citizen Article.

I have to say the BEST part of the night was not the food, wine, or even Rancho Gordo Cannellini Beans, it was our PARKING SPACE. We found a meter NEXT to the Fairmont Hotel (which was where Cochon 555 was being hosted) This is CRAZY if you know this area. We seriously cried.
BUT back to the Rancho Gordo Cannellini Beans. These were sooo good. I need to get a Clay pot and make beans every day! (I had no idea I'd be raving about Beans at a Pork Event. We were even naughty and mixed it in with Namu's Braised Shoulder Trotter Mole. (But really, can you blame us...) I think I'm going to buy some of their beans and Ryan Farr's Hot Dogs to make fancy pork & beans.
Speaking of Ryan Farr, he was there butchering a whole hog. Sunday was certainly a treat because earlier we said hello to him at the Sunset Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park. There we had waited in line to have him serve us samples of his Cheddar Brats. ( We would of gone thru te line 10 times!! Those sausages were soooo good. BUT we were saving ourselves for Cochon.)
Here is his recipe for Cheddar Brats from the Sunset Recipe Booklet!
So back to Cochon555, my favorite booth was NAMU, but just because I loved how they reused their Soybean paste containers. Each one had different pickled items in them to eat with your porchettita! Butttttt, I don't think I could pick an ACTUAL favorite booth food-wise. I had too many favorite items from each place. hmmmm I wish all the booths could combine together like a bunch of Transformers to make an ultimate PIG BOOTH.
Some favorites for me were Bi-Rite’s Focaccia blood sausage sandwich, Namu's mole, Delfina's Chicarones, and Flour & Water's thinly sliced ham.(Was this a proscuitto? I forgot to take a picture of the menu...) BUT I must admit Perbacco did KILL with their Ndjua Spread (calabrian spreadable salami) on a crostini, and pig blood cupcakes with lard frosting & BACON MARSHMELLOWS. (when I think of all the times I've pulled the blood cubes out of my bun bo hue!)

Another big extra besides the Rancho Gordo beans was Avedanos Butcher Shop in attendance. They were serving up WOOLY PIG and other heritage varieties! But I was most excited for the Wooly and it was just as good as I had read. I even ended up talking to the Wooly Pig's VP of Bay Area Operation's girlfriend. We now have plans to make pecan pie with Wooly Pig Lard. (Ok this maybe tops the parking space...)

So a great time was had and I even did a small comic for tips to those who attend next year....

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