Monday, January 30, 2012

Cheese Monday - LambChopper

lamb chopper

Been quite busy dealing with Festival Applications for my Film Chocolate Milk. Hopefully I'll have some good news on that front soon! So this Cheese Monday is a day late, so hope you haven't been waiting in delirious anticipation at your local cheese counter since yesterday!

Last week, I talked about a cheese that is very hard to find, so I decided I would talk about one is easily more attainable. 1 "Lamb Chopper"! A aged sheep milk cheese by Cypress Grove that is delightfully buttery in taste and appearance. The texture is not hard but definitely not brie-ey, unless you are chewing it. The rind is a natural wax so DO NOT eat it. (Even if its the last piece, believeeee meeee.) Also, the rennet is vegetarian and the milk is pasteurized for those of your with your fancy diets.

I always picture Lambs riding in a helicopter for the name, but as you can see they prefer lambs riding motorcycles....2

In any case, THIS is definitely a crowd pleaser cheese and makes everyone come back for seconds. Every time I serve this cheese I have to write down the name for someone who's gotta get it to eat glutinously in the privacy of their closet. Enjoy!!

1 Last week's cheese means getting on a CSA mailing list and hoping that it will become available. If it does, then all you have to do is drive up to the Bay area. So easyyyy eh?!

2 I definitely never pictured me arguing about lambs favorite way of transportation....

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