Monday, January 23, 2012

Cheesy Monday - Monarch

So my resolution of posting more is about to burst into effect with "Cheesy Mondays." Every Monday I will talk about one of my favorite cheeses! Because damnit, it's Monday and if any day of the week you really need a mouth stuffed with cheese, its Monday!

oh cheese plate

This week's favorite cheese comes from one my favorite cheesemakers, Rebecca King of Garden Variety Cheese and it is drumroll please.......Monarch! A cheese made from Claravale Farm Jersey cow's milk and washed with Dread Brown Ale from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. It is a raw milk, Trappist-style cheese. Buttery flavor with a semi-soft texture. Great for snacking or enjoying with your home wine with a cat in your lap. I always say my favorite is sheep cheeses, but I've really been loving this cheese. A friend compared it to "actually" delicious swiss cheese hah!

monarch cheese

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find it easily, as it is in very limited supply. This is a cheese Rebecca makes during sheep vacation! So if you happen across it, grab immediately! Also, she offers a great cheese CSA through her Adopt-a-Ewe program, which I highly recommend as well.

Also, one of my favorite artists Gemma Correll did a great cheese illustrations today, too!Jinx!!

cheese counter
I definitely do prefer aged cheddars. The more crystallization, the more I sigh.....le sighhhhh

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