Friday, March 2, 2012

Queso Fountain

Fountain o' Cheese

So I've been away in New Zealand and hopefully I can give you a small food report from there in a few weeks.  But at the moment, I'm getting ready to go to SXSW for the premiere of my animation short film "Chocolate Milk" and still have a bunch of tasks to do to prepare for that.  So I'm pretty "ack" currently, especially since this is my first big film festival.  So used to hiding in my animation studio hole, its been a pretty intense few weeks of press interviews and self-promotion.  

So I decided to do a small post for this week about the popularity of Cheese Fountains at parties and weddings.  This is something I joked about having back at my wedding.  I mean, who wants a chocolate fountain when you can have one bubbling with gooey yellow cheese.    This is so American, I LOVE it.  Why have a piece of fresh fruit to dip in chocolate when you can have a fried tortilla chip to dip in processed cheese.  People have even tried to build a 6 cheese fountain ever since they talked about one in "Talladega Nights".

You can behold one here in all it's glorious cheesiness!  Bow down to a constant stream of hot queso waiting to leap onto your tortilla chips.   But, don't check out the fountains that do a chile con queso waterfall.  That just seems really wrong....

Oh! And here is a few awesome cheese events happening around the Bay area this coming week.  I really WANT to attend this Cheese tasting Bike ride but my schedule is too hectic this weekend!  And of course, I'll already be out of town on Thursday for this pop-up grilled cheese night!  Ah well, can I really complain when Texas BBQ is headed my way.  Hopefully, I can give you a good queso report when I get back from Austin!  Oh sweet queso, you'll get me through SXSW...oh will.

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