Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet Jo's Biscuits and Chili

Biscuit comic

Basically this is what happened last Monday night when we heard Sweet Jo's Chili n Biscuits was the pop-up at The Window (side window of Coffee Bar)  Being a 5th generation Texan, I must eat biscuits at least once a month and I always jump at the opportunity to eat them out.  Because, otherwise I have to make a batch myself!

jo's chili n biscuit menu

We got to the Mission and it was cooollldddd.  But this made the anticipation for biscuits n chili all the better.  We scanned the menu above.  Settling on Biscuits n' Gravy and a bowl of chili.  

jo's gravy and biscuit

The chef ladled out some gravy and plopped some biscuits down on a small plater.  Every time this happens the song Hallelujah starts up in my head.  On a personal note, I usually prefer white cream gravy because thats what I was weened on as a kid.  BUT, this Sausagegravy did the job just fineeee...

jo's biscuit closeup

Now regarding the biscuits, THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!  Very buttery and perfect crumb inside.  Not too sweet and there was no use of some weird spice to make it look fancy.  Just exactly how I like a basic biscuit!  I would of bought a box to take home, but a box of 24 was too much for the two of us.  Next time I'll ask if I can buy a box of 12.  

jo's chili

My dear Mr.Phi wolfed down the chili.  He even went back up to buy some cornbread, after we overheard someone had gotten some with a take-out order.  The cornbread was super moist and almost tasted like a dessert bread.  The combination of the savory chili and sweet corn bread was almost too good to bear.  


We chatted for a moment with the chef Joanna Karlinsky.  She looked worn out, but had the sparkle of a tough lady cook you'd expect to walk out of the kitchen at a 1920s Chili Parlor.  She said she was famous for these biscuits and we professed our love of them.  Asked her if she had honey, and she said possibly the next time.  So we procured another order of biscuits(FRESH FROM THE OVEN!!), this time with the Meyer lemon curd.  We lied to ourselves and said we'd save them for a snack in an hour.  They were gone the minute our patooties sat down in the car.  

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